4 Skin Care Tips Recommended By Dermatologists

1. Always Have Sunscreen Available   One thing that you should never leave the house without is a bottle of sunscreen, it should be something you apply to your face regardless of the season. Applying a layer of sunscreen everyday will keep your skin looking its best. When looking for something to buy, look for a product that has at least SPF 30. 2. Moisturize As Much As Possible  

Ways To Dry Your Hair Much Quicker

Bye Bye Towel   Towels are great for absorbing the water off your body and hair, but they can only absorb so much. A great alternative to drying your hair much quicker is by running to the kitchen and grabbing a roll of paper towels. You’ll want to use it to blot the wet spots instead of running a towel around your hair, which can damage the strands. Be sure

Great Ways To Protect Your Skin This Summer

With the upcoming summer months upon us, now is the time to go out and enjoy the sun, but you’ll need to keep your skin protected from the sun. Here are a couple of tips to ensure that you keep your skin from those harmful rays of the sun. Sunscreen   Always wear sunscreen before venturing out into the sun. Look for products that have at least a SPF of

4 Cheap Alternatives To Expensive Beauty Products

1. Potato Pedicure   Going out to get pedicures can over time turn into a expensive ordeal, so save yourself some money in the bank by going to the grocery store and picking up a couple things so you can give yourself a pedicure instead. All you need is a potato and some coarse sea salt. Simply cut your potato in half and press each side into a pile of

A Guide To Applying Summer Fragrances

Going out to impress through the way you look, is just as important as how you smell, so don’t neglect the use of fragrances into your style! Here are some tips to keep in mind for ways to improve your scent game. What Not To Do?   When you’re wearing perfumes and fragrances, the worst thing you can do is apply too much of it to your body. You want

5 Time Saving Makeup Tips For The Busy Woman

Sure there are going to be those occasions where you need to get dolled up and spend your morning and afternoon prepping for that elegant evening you have planned. While those moments can be nice and often rare, For the most part, now and again you’re going to find yourself lacking the motivation and time to get your makeup on point. When rushed in the morning after sleeping through the

5 Beauty Tips Inspired By The Parisian Lifestyle

Embrace your inner Parisian and pull off that beautiful look, with these rather effortless tips. 1. Let Your Hair Breathe   Fight every bone in your body to grab those irons, blow dryers and even that urge to brush your hair. When going for that French look, you want to go for that unrefined, lived in look.   Allow your hair to dry naturally through the air, without the use

Best Beauty Tools to Use

Almost every young lady desires to look their best whenever they leave the house, especially with special occasions like weddings. Nowadays, looking flawless is the main thing on their minds, particularly with those in high school, so they look to invest in products like flushes, liners and smoke. To ensure that these items are applied accurately, you’re going to require good tools. The following tools will help you do so