5 Time Saving Makeup Tips For The Busy Woman

5 Time Saving Makeup Tips For The Busy Woman

Sure there are going to be those occasions where you need to get dolled up and spend your morning and afternoon prepping for that elegant evening you have planned. While those moments can be nice and often rare, For the most part, now and again you’re going to find yourself lacking the motivation and time to get your makeup on point. When rushed in the morning after sleeping through the alarm, or simply just forgetting to set one in the first place, here are some tips to get your makeup in check for those moments when you’re low on time, or just outright lazy.

1. Thorough Skincare Regime

When your skin is looking its best, you’re going to have the luxury of needing to apply less makeup than you’re used to. A great way to ensure that your skin is healthy and looks its best, is to make sure to always moisturize and hydrate.
For those looking for a overnight solution, look for a mask to apply to your face while you sleep. Those who would rather give themselves a quick and easy solution in the mornings before they leave, consider a hydration mist to spritz your face with a quick and refreshing jump start to your morning.

2. Quick Hair Care Solutions

Learn to the embrace the power of dry shampoos, they work wonders. Being the busy person that you are, you’ll find less time for washing and drying your hair, or even showering entirely. That’s okay, no judgment here.
On top of cleaning the greasiness from your hair, dry shampoos are a great way to add volume into your hair. There is the traditional aerosol spray that you can find, or powder alternatives if you’re into that. Simply work the product into your hair thoroughly, roots and all, to remove that unneeded grease.

3. Buying Products With Multiple Uses

When crunched for time, the best thing you can do to get everything done is to multitask, so why not work that mentality in with the products that you use? Not only will that help you save time, but will also save you a couple of dollars in your purse.
Perfect for those days when you want to apply makeup, but don’t want to put full effort into, multi purpose products can be easily blended for use around your face, and no one will ever know the difference!

4. The Almighty Concealer

Concealer is simply amazing, just like mentioned above, it’s a product that has a multitude of uses. You can use it to conceal those imperfections in your skin, reduce the look of redness, and even cover those bags under your eyes from all those late night study sessions.
Find a concealer that works well with your skin, and you’ll find a quick solution to making your skin look beautiful, without the need to fully apply foundation beforehand.

5. Work The Eyes

This is where your hand eye coordination skills are going to come into use, as you’re going to want to emphasize using eye shadow pencils for those quick lines around your eyes.
With this technique you’ll be able to be speedier with the process, as you’ll be able to easily hide any imperfections in your lines. Simply draw in with your pencil and when you’re finished, take your finger and give it a quick smudge to blend everything in. Your friends will be amazed at how it looks, and your friends will be none the wiser.

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