A Guide To Applying Summer Fragrances

A Guide To Applying Summer Fragrances

Going out to impress through the way you look, is just as important as how you smell, so don’t neglect the use of fragrances into your style! Here are some tips to keep in mind for ways to improve your scent game.

What Not To Do?

When you’re wearing perfumes and fragrances, the worst thing you can do is apply too much of it to your body. You want a lowkey scent that lingers, not a overbearing scent that dominates the room. There are 2 great ways to apply fragrances, the first is to do a spritz into the air, and then walk into the mist to cover your body. The second is to give yourself a spray on the wrist, and gently press the excess around your neck and/or collarbone. One to two sprays is often enough, anything more and you’re most likely overdoing it.

How To Choose A Scent?

You can never go wrong with a light, citrus scent, especially in the spring and summer months. In the wintertime you can go heavier with your scents, looking for a musk or something with amber properties.


Like the way certain scents blend in with another? Mix it up and experiment with your scents, cause you never know and may end up with a fragrance that everyone loves. Just be sure to take into consideration the types of fragrances you have, and if they go well, or else your experiment will have you smelling like a dumpster.

Fragrances Aren’t Gender Specific

If you like the smell of your spouses cologne and it smells great on you, there’s no problem with wearing it every so often. Scents are going to vary from person to person, so you won’t really know what works best until you actually try it, so try it!

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