Ways To Dry Your Hair Much Quicker

Ways To Dry Your Hair Much Quicker

Bye Bye Towel

Towels are great for absorbing the water off your body and hair, but they can only absorb so much. A great alternative to drying your hair much quicker is by running to the kitchen and grabbing a roll of paper towels. You’ll want to use it to blot the wet spots instead of running a towel around your hair, which can damage the strands. Be sure to set those used paper towels aside and reuse later, you don’t want to be wasteful.

Blow Dry In Another Room

Standing in the bathroom to dry your hair right after you’ve just taken a shower can actually slow the drying process, because of the all the humidity in the air. So get out of there and move into a dry room to make better use of your drying time.

Air Drying

For those of us who have longer strands of hair, instead of using a large majority of time rubbing towels or blow drying our hair, go and do other things and dry it at a later time. While your hair dries out from the air, you’ll have more time to plan your outfit or apply your makeup, and once you’re finished you’ll have much dryer hair than you can now use a blow dryer to quickly dry your hair.

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